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We are professionally certified in the field of 3D Areola reconstructions, by Amazink Areola , Micropigmentation Art and Science Academy in the field of methods of areola pigmentation.

With this procedure we can create an optical illusion of a 3 dimensional areola and nipple complex
giving a result that is acceptable and looks natural.

The natural beauty of your breasts CAN be restored with Areola Pigmentation!
The treatment will make you feel more comfortable and enhance your self-confidence by making
you breast look more natural. The results are natural looking and long lasting.

When applied by a professionally skilled technician, the nipple reconstruction procedure can achieve life- changing results and huge confidence boosting.

The final look of the reconstructed areola is  showing depth and color variation, making the look realistic and multi dimensional.

You should  be aware that a 3D areola Tattooing will probably need more than one sessions to achieve the optimum result. Usually multiple procedures would be necessary, depending of the client situation.

Each client is different and a consultation is necessary for accurate quotes.

Price depends of  the affected area so consultation before the treatment is a must. We’d be pleased to consult with you about the process, so feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have.