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Ly, a dedicated mom and wife, and a pmu artist, extremely passionate about making people feel
beautiful, inside and out. My job is my message to the world and I want to make sure it’s inspiring.

My values

Being a pmu artist and professional beautician as well, brought me what I was craving in life and taught me many valuable lessons.

For me art heals, for both the artist and client, it’s something that brings a new dimension of happiness. I
love seeing how a single treatment can bring someone’s confidence back, and for me that’s unbelievable joy that my job brings me every day.

How it all started ?

My journey started around six years ago, when I started working with skincare and lash extension treatments. This was when I first experienced how my services can have such a positive effect in my clients’ lives and brighten up my day.

T22045854_1650505231647136_2063633975920270710_nhat’s when I knew I want to extend my knowledge and become extremely professional.  Since  microblading and permanent makeup is the most sought after beauty trend, it became the next big thing I wanted to learn. My goal is to always be trained by the best only, so I did a lot of research and I found out about PhiAcademy and Branko Babic, which is the most successful pmu academy in the world.

I am thrilled to say I received five star training from this academy, and not only microblading training, but also important lessons how to be a better artist, and most importantly how to be a good person. Their campaign “Pay with smile” supporting people suffering from any kind of disease with free treatment, made me understand that it’s very important in your career to be socially responsible, help people in need, making this world a better place to be.

15095615_1235321706528095_8158351035552685316_nThe more training and knowledge I was getting, the more I wanted to learn. My goal was to be trained about every area of permanent makeup, so I never stopped investing in myself. I decided to participate the course with Sviatoslav Otchenash for more advanced training about lips and eyeliner as well as ombré eyebrows. This way I extended my knowledge and services and had a various different treatment to offer for my clients.

Later on I found out about the Areola Micropigmentacion. This amazing treatment is for anyone who has undergone a mastectomy or any other breast surgery or have fading/irregular areolas. I felt like it’s something I must learn , as it can help someone bring his life and confidence back. I went to Poland for Areola training with Amazink Areola team. It brings tears to my eyes to help someone who has this kind of issues and makes me feel proud about the job that I do.

As a professional that never stops learning, I also decided to participate in scalp micropigmentation training with Adi Schendal.  This was a great addition to my service menu. Men also want to maintain their  personal appearance, pmu today is not limited for women only.

And finally, a real artist should always be ready to fix someone’s else mistake. Unfortunately I often meet clients that had bad experience with unprofessional pmu and trying to find a solution about it. In order to be able to help them I also have participated pmu removal training with the best PhiAcademy- PhiRemoval. It is extremely effective method of removing bad or unwanted pmu works.

Even today I never stop learning or researching. The more I learn the more I want to practice and train. I follow tips and tricks in the industry and whatever new shows up, I’m always first to be interested, in order to offer my clients the best and latest techniques.

Sharing my experience with you

Ly-White-profileAnd what’s the point of existence to an artist if you don’t share your passion and experience with others?

After this many years of dedication and commitment, I decided to start training students, making sure they learn and understand pmu to its finest. I share special connection with each and every student, keeping extremely small groups, in order to provide best possible training. Sharing my experience and knowledge brings special feeling to me, as I know my story will motivate many others.

For more information, feel free to contact me. I’m always there to assist with any kind of concern.

13692617_1128251547235112_5875477467944425838_nPrevious experience is not needed, all you need is a positive mindsite and a will to learn.

Let’s make a new successful story together !

So this is how my portfolio bloomed and my art became licensed. To me, my career is special. It has the ability to give confidence, to change a life, to evoke a smile, even tears. It empowers people to be more secure about themselves. It taught me lots of things, but most of all to make people smile.

And if I can teach at least one person a day, the same lesson I learned, than this was the best choice I’ve ever made.